Mark Christie is a classically trained Pharmacologist with over 20 years experience in Pharma and Biotech sectors, with Fisons, Astra, Astrazeneca, Celltech and UCB. He has a background in inflammation & immunology research and is skilled in all stages of preclinical drug discovery, from target validation through to candidate selection.

In July 2009 he was awarded a part-time BBSRC Industrial Impact Fellowship  and he is currently employed part-time as a Senior Lecturer at King's College, London.

Line management 

- From Team Leader to Deputy Site Director level (5-150 staff) 
- Objective setting, Performance management & Career Development 
- Team building, Coaching, motivation & Leadership 
- Downsizing, change management & value retention 
- Budgeting, Health & Safety & other legislative compliance 

Project Leadership 

- Portfolio management, restructuring and strategic analysis 
- Matrix management of large (35+), multifunctional project teams 
- From initial concept through to development phases 
- Delivery of project goals, budgets & timings 
- Representation of project teams internally & externally 

Business Skills 

- Collaboration with patient advocate groups & charitable organisations 
- Scientific Advisory Board and Portfolio Review expertise 
- Experienced networker with academic and industry groups